I went here the other day with my boyfriend, ready to do my taxes for the first time.   I ended up not getting mine done, but my boyfriend did.

We ended up at here due to my parents and I’m glad they told us about this place.  A guy working there was informative and friendly and let me know that I didn’t need to do mine this year.  He also assured me that I wouldn’t get in trouble with the law 🙂

He then passed us over to Sonia who ended up doing my boyfriend’s paperwork.  Sonia was quick and efficient getting though all of the information.  She also was very friendly and willing to answer all of my tax related questions.  Even though many of my questions were probably dumb, she answered them without making me feel dumb, which I appreciated.

The process was relatively quick for us.  We were in and out in maybe half an hour, and we left feeling very educated and informed.

Denise Tomlinson

My family and I have been going to Experto tax Service for more than 5 years and they are professional, honest and knowledgeable. It feels good to go to a tax preparer who knows my family and me so well. Every year, Sonia asks me about stuff I told him last year. I really feel nice here and have recommended others to go and they have said the same thing. 

Michael Jenker

Great service. Very nice and patient customer service reps, Al was super patient through my disorganized mess or record keeping. He was also very fast and very knowledgable, did both my sisters and my taxes in under an hour.

Cristina Lopez

A friend of mine told me about this Experto Tax Service, as she loved the experience and got a good return on her income taxes. I decided to give them a try, rather than my existing person, and hands down, it was a great experience! I worked with Al, who really took the time to ask all the right questions, and make sure that I was submitting all the right info. She even brought some deductions to my attention, that I had no idea even existed for me. Looks like I have a new tax preparer!

Katie Melgar