Pay your Taxes and Prepare for a Possible Inmigration Reform

Uploaded : 1235931_644033042286972_1836534041_nThe declaration and payment of taxes to the Department of Internal Revenue Service (IRS , for its acronym in English) was one of the requirements that would ask the government to those who qualify for immigration reform , if it were to be approved by Congress .
” For now it is no more the ad, the desire and the hope that there is a law that says ” you are eligible if you meet these requirements. ” Make your income taxes is a responsibility . It is important to keep up with the declaration and payment of taxes , but keep in mind it is still unknown how many years retroactive taxes could ask or not to ask back taxes, but start this year, “he recommended .
According to Irma Trevino , spokesman for the IRS , filing and paying taxes is a responsibility of all income earners in the country. With respect to taxes, ” remember it’s not just declare , and if you have to pay back taxes declare think many years you will pay a lot and if you can not, remain as debtor. So I recommend doing taxes for the last two years, because it is not known how many years taxes going to ask Immigration for processing if immigration reform . For those who do not have an ITIN and have never stated , I recommend applying for it, begin to declare from this period, ” she said.
” For people who have already declared and should , it is important to pay . In IRS offer payment arrangements , because in these cases appear as debtors and Immigration not see well owe the government, “he said.
Many people believe that by not having a social security number or being undocumented are exempt from taxes , however this is not so .
” I suggest to taxpayers that make taxes for the last three years not only thinking about immigration reform but for a loan to buy a house or some other transaction , ask them to prove they paid taxes for two or three years ” . ” There will be those to earn about $ 150 for each year of tax preparation, tell the taxpayer to catch up with several years behind , but I still do not know whether to ask for reform and how many years behind ,” he added .
The experts advise to have a record of expenses to avoid paying for all income. Similarly, people who receive a 1099 , you must pay taxes because the IRS has a record and if not listed as debtors pay .

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